I was born and raised in Roanoke, Virginia on March 12, 1992 just 30 minutes up the interstate from Blacksburg. I have been a Virginia Tech fan my entire life which is why it was the one and only school that I applied to. My likes and hobbies include music, hunting, fishing, and driving around with friends. That's just a little about me and my life if you need to know anything else just ask.

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ACC Championship Game

So I spent the entire last weekend in Charlotte, North Carolina at the ACC championship game. I went with my Dad and two of my uncles. Me and my Dad had been to tech football games plenty of times before but for my uncles it was their first experience and like most people it left them with the feeling of wanting more. On the three hour drive down we drove through quite a bit of snow which worried me because the last thing I wanted to do was sit out in the snow for three hours. In the end however maybe I should have been happy with the snow because instead of snow during the game it started to rain. Ill take snow any day over rain when the temperature is in the 30’s. The Florida State fans couldn’t handle the weather. We saw a lot of them outside the stadium trying to sell off their tickets so they could go find a tv and watch it inside. It was a great game and of course we won a bid to the orange bowl to play Stanford. It should be a good game can’t wait for it.

2010.12.07  1:46pm  


So thanks to forgetting to finish my blog last week this is my second one this week but o well. Might as well get this one over with while I’m in a working mood.

Finals are finalllly here and I couldn’t be happier. Not happy that I get to take really boring and annoying tests. Happy that Christmas break is almost here! The only finals I’m worried about are Bio(Who cares?) and Ancient History(Rome?????). I have to do pretty well on both to pull off a B in the classes which I desperately need so I don’t have to find out if my parents will be disappointed with a “C.” My other classes I should be fine in and be able to get A’s. In less of course I totally bomb them. However, since I’m extremely bored with nothing to do right now I don’t see how I’m not going to be able to find time to study hard(or hardly study.) Mite I add thank GAWD we don’t have an English final. But yea basically I can’t wait to get these finals over so we can start a new semester and be done with this one and General Bio Lab(May You Rest In Pieces.) Christmas Break come faster thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2010.11.29  8:33pm  

Thanksgiving Break

This Thanksgiving Break was one to remember for all the wrong reasons. On Monday the first official day of break I got 4 little teeth out that sure as hell don’t make you any smarter called “wisdom teeth.” The proper name for these 4 teeth would be “pain in the ass teeth.” The meds they had me on were pretty crazy and I couldn’t move for an hour after surgery which was a weird feeling. I’ve never had that feeling of total helplessness until then. The pain really wasn’t anything that bad like I was expecting the only problem was it hurt like a bitch if I tried to chew. Which mite i add is a great thing when the best food of the year comes around for Thanksgiving (NOT -.-). So the only thing I could do when the whole family got together at Grandma’s was look through the sells papers and have a nice piece of soft pumpkin pie. The pills they had me on were a trip all their own. I couldn’t operate any heavy machinery according to the oral surgeon while on them which really killed me cuz i just loooovvveee driving dumptrucks and tractors in my off time (jkz). Atleast I got some time to just relax and catch up on my sleep which I guess is all I could really ask for. All in all anything is better than doing school work so I guess I can’t complain that much.

2010.11.29  8:19pm  

Wisdom Teeth

So i Just got my wisdom teeth out today and im drained so i will finish this blog as soon as i can tomorrow

2010.11.22  9:03pm  

This is what happens when you leave your computer alone and unprotected

So I found myself standing there. Covered in icy cold rain and soaking wet, I asked myself how I got here. You see… Yesterday I was walking down the street when I spotted a briefcase. Curious, I opened it up and to my amazement it was filled with packs of pure cocaine. Being an experimental kind of guy, I snorted a line. I was hooked immediately. I realized the potential for this drug. I started selling it. Small amounts at first, but eventually making my way into importing kilos at a time from Columbia. My plan was genius. You see, police check everywhere for cocaine; inside your luggage, inside your pockets, even up in your anus. But there was one place they wouldn’t dare go: inside a female’s boob. That would be sexual harassment. So I learned how to surgically install breast implants and started pimping hoes. I started out like any other pimp, collecting money from my hoes as they performed various sexual acts with lonely perverted men. Soon, however, I started selling women. Yes, human trafficking. Slavery, if you will. Except less racist than slavery since I sold women of all colors. The police were on to me. But I outfoxed them once more. You see, I taught all my women to say, “I am not a slave.” Thus the police had no evidence on me. I became rich. So rich I realized it was suspicious, since I had no job. So I started my own company. I made briefcases. Funny how all this started with me finding a briefcase, and it all ends with me losing one. You see, owning my own briefcase company…….

Just Kidding. I left to go get some food and this is what happens. I should have let him finish the story…..

You should have seen it before I edited it. I had never been so disgusted yet intrigued at the same time.

2010.11.15  8:19pm  

Thursday Night Game Experience

Last Thursday I went to the night game against Georgia Tech and it surpassed all my expectations. I’ve been to plenty of tech games but this was my first Thursday night game and it was on a whole other level from a Saturday game. Admittedly the person I went to the game with was probably the main reason why it was so much fun. Her and I hadn’t seen each other since the last day of high school so it was nice to hang out again. The game started off pretty slow for us with Georgia Tech going up 14 points which made her laugh since she loves to hate on us Hokies being the Wahoo fan she is (I let her borrow one of my VT hoodies so she didn’t get yelled at by all the crazy fans around us). However, even though Georgia Tech was up 14 points I made sure she knew that was right where we wanted them since we like to spot teams points to give them a chance and make the game interesting. To be honest though I didn’t really care about the game it was just fun being there with her. But back to the game. After we spotted them those 14 points we turned it on and I think y’all know what happened after that so I won’t go into the recap. I was surprised that they went all out with the fireworks and everything for the game I definitely wasn’t expecting that (it was a nice touch). The game was amazing the only slight problem I had was how ridiculously freaking cold it was. Thanks to that early winter beat down from the wind on top of the already cold weather both of us are sick now. I however only received a sore throat even though all I wore to the game was a pair of jeans, t-shirt, and hoodie. She got the short end of the stick even with all her layers catching ever possible thing you can get from cold weather. After the game was over and the Hokies victorious the night had only just began. We had to start the long process of getting through traffic and back to Roanoke to take her home. I must say I never expected to be going down the interstate at a maximum speed of 15mph and stopping every couple feet. She even had the audacity to criticize my amazing driving just because I almost hit one or two cars that stopped way ahead of schedule when i was trying to change songs on my iPod. Anyways after a countless number of hours of traffic we finally made it back to Roanoke and home at 2 in the morning to cap off a great night. Even though it was ridiculously cold and we didn’t get back till pretty damn early in the morning it was one of the best nights of my life and one I won’t forget.

2010.11.08  9:05pm  

The Thursday Night Game

So the thing I’m looking forward to the most this week is the Thursday night game against Georgia Tech. Ive been looking forward to it for a couple weeks now and can’t believe its finally upon us. I’m taking one of my friends from back in Roanoke and it should be a good time. It will be a little hectic before the game though because i don’t get out of class until 4:30 and I have to go all the way back home to pick her up. Then after the game I have to drive her home then drive back up myself so who knows when I’m finally going to be back up at tech. Also from what I’m hearing the weather won’t exactly be pleasant for the game with temperatures in the 30’s and rain. Not to excited about that but regardless it should be a really good time and I can’t wait.

2010.11.01  8:34pm  

What we really do during class

What should you be doing during class? Well a good student would be paying attention and taking elaborate notes to study for the upcoming night however most of us can only dream of doing this. For instance right now I should be learning German but instead I’m choosing to do this blog so I don’t have to worry about it later. Maybe it’s just me but I feel like paying attention in most of my boring classes is useless because we basically teach ourselves regardless from the readings every night and studying for quizzes/tests.  At least to me showing up to classes such as Biology is pointless because all I do is play games or do anything else so I don’t get bored to death when I should be listening to the lecture and getting ready for any pop quiz. Sometimes I feel like I’m the only one not paying attention however due to the fact that everyone else is watching the instructor so intuitively. When I look up at the instructor it is usually just to act like I’m doing what I’m supposed to while trying to make myself feel better about completely tuning them out hoping that some of the information being taught is somehow absorbed into my brain. I know I should be paying attention and trying my best but it’s just too hard when some of the classes are so ridiculously boring.

2010.10.25  8:55pm  


So in these first however many weeks its been of college I’ve had my fair share of tests as you might imagine. One thing I’ve learned from having all these tests is that I REALLY need to study more and put forth a lot more effort. Its not like this is a new revelation though. I’ve known that I need to study more/buckle down for tests but I guess I’ve just lacked the motivation up to this point. That however is about to change. You see today I did fantastically horrible on my Bio test making it to where I have to do amazing on the next test and final just to end up with a grade that my parents won’t completely kill me over. So no more watching tv, going out, or doing anything else just for the sake of not studying for me. Hopefully it works because if it doesn’t I’m fucked.

2010.10.18  8:22pm  


Something that’s been one of my favorite things to do for as long as I can remember is watching movies. The great thing about movies is they let you see things in a way you might not normally look at them and see things you’d never even dream of. Back in high school my friends and I went to the movie theatre just about every weekend to see the newest/greatest movie. The only downside of going to the movies is the extremely overpriced drinks and food. Even the tickets themselves recently have gotten out of control. Due to this fact my friends and I have been known to only pay for one ticket and sneak everyone else in. I mean does the theatre really need 10-13 dollars per person? I think not. I can enjoy just about every type of movie except for horror movies. It’s not that I hate all horror films I’m just selective about the ones I like and want to go to see while it’s still in theatres.  Some of my favorite movies just off the top of my head are Talladega Nights the Ballad of Ricky Bobby, any of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, Saving Private Ryan, and my absolute favorite A Knight’s Tale. There aren’t really that many movies I don’t like which is probably why I love going to the movies so much and do it so often.

2010.10.11  9:04pm  


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